Today’s High Tech Auto Repair service

The evolution of an car has transformed dramatically because the first automobile was created centuries ago. The automobile body from cars of yesteryear was lacking much of a second chance. When the unthinkable happened causing damage, mechanics in auto body shops might have been capable of a patch up job but nothing that is in comparison with repairs possible today as a result of the top tech equipment utilized on an every day basis.


Spotting an excellent paint job is a thing any given strength training do. Previously, getting paint work repaired was a nightmare. You would enter into a repair shop and hang out with the mechanic arguing that color was closest to that particular of the car, realizing that if someone takes any notice of one’s vehicle the patchy paint job will probably be revealed.

Fast forward to 2014 and technology is capable of finding the exact paint color code of one’s current coat of paint which in turn allows the mechanics to copy the same color to make sure that the car body appears to be new.

Technology has also reduced the carbon footprint effect painting the car body has. Lead was a key ingredient in paints which is not best for health of both humans along with the environment. The modern water paint has improved this example immensely ensuring auto body shops are playing their part in preserving the surroundings.


Mechanics have invariably been seen to have a very good eye and while this has not changed they are now assisted by technology. Technologies are capable of getting the measurements 100% precise, each and every time. While there was clearly initially some capacity embrace we’ve got the technology all auto body shops have finally realized computers are the answer and when not used a shop may as well toss in the white towel now.


Every auto body shot mechanic from Calgary to Timbuktu knows welding. Materials utilized to weld parts set up is pretty important stuff, a weak time welding can be dangerous. As scientific study has looked at spot welds, the sheets employed for the welds are lighter and stronger than these A decade ago. Researchers try looking in particular to find the best great maximize cross-tension strength versus tensile strength to provide the best options. Another result’s utilizing lighter materials inside the welding process may be the environmental benefits.

Small Dent Repairs

Paintless dent repairs are tackled in auto body shops daily. This is an area inside the modern day body shops which includes not been completely revolutionized by technology. Initially effort was everything was required with a bit of discover how. Fast forward today, the work remains manual however a few specialist tools are used to get the best results.

Innovation is going on at an incredible rate. Everyone is learning how to apply it in new ways everyday. Many of these innovations have revolutionized how the auto body shops operate. With robots and machines continually advancing, could we see the afternoon of mechanics being eliminated from auto body repair.

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