The best way to Soften Stiff Leather Seat Covers

Leather seat covers are desired by a lot of people simply because they supply the car a stylish look. Fortunately they are an easy task to clean; therefore, it’s not necessary to worry leaving your kids in the car.

Even though the covers have these advantages, they generally tend to present an unpleasant check out your car once they become stiff. If you don’t have money to buy new ones you don’t need to worry. This is because it is possible to soften the covers.

First thing you should do is to wash your entire seat cover using liquid leather cleaner. Here you need to rub the cleanser in to the entire leather surface and then allow cleaner soak to the seat for a few minutes. Next wipe the extra cleaner through the cover using a paper towel or flannel.

Then use saddle water and soap to completely clean the top leather covers. For greatest results, you should pay special attention to any dry and cracked parts of the seat cover.

As soon as the cover is thoroughly clean, you ought to apply a color restorer. Here you should apply the restorer generously and rub it in. If you are undecided about the proper color restorer to make use of, you ought to ask an expert that will help you. You can also look into the color code in a label that’s usually placed inside driver’s side door.

Once you have applied and rubbed in the color restorer, you ought to wipe away the utilizing a clean cloth or paper towel.

To guard the covers from water damage and mold and also to maintain your covers softer and supple for some time, you should regularly apply mink oil to them.

While mink oil works well in the working, you must avoid it especially if you have light-colored leather seat covers. For the reason that the oil tends to darken the leather; therefore, using the oil on light-colored covers gives the covers an unappealing look.

These are the basic steps that you can follow that you should soften still leather seat covers. To prevent the covers from getting hard, you must avoid placing them under sunlight. Its also wise to prevent harsh chemicals from engaging in contact with the covers.

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